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Get Rid Of That Paper Sign In Sheet And Make Check-in process A Breeze!

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Share Check-In Form VIA SMS/Email

Our patient portal system enables to share the E-check In Form using SMS/email with your patients.

Tailored for Remote, Mobile and Kiosk

A patient checking system that is tailored for remote allows you to review scheduled appointment, update patient information, insurance cards, and more - all without leaving the office.

A mobile-optimized system makes it easy for patients to check in from anywhere, whether they're at home or on the go.

Custom Automated SMS/Email
Patient Notifications

It's important to get notified on time where urgent action may be needed. Our System is designed to alert instantly when action needed.

sign in

Patient online check-in via smartphones makes the process even faster and more convenient without having to fumble through paperwork or wait in line.

Custom Tailored

Our System is designed to allow to let you customize the questionnaire, demographic information needed from patient based on the particular clinic.


User notifications can also help to remind patients about their appointments, which can help reduce no-shows.

User Notifications
Multi-Location Customization


Our patient portal allows to customize the e-check in form based on your clinic location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical check-in?

Medical check-in is the process of verifying a patient's identity and insurance information prior to their appointment. This can be done in person, by phone, or online.
At many clinics and hospitals, there is now a self-service option using a patient check-in kiosk.

Why is patient check in important?

First and foremost, it helps to ensure that patients are seen by the right medical professionals in a timely manner. Additionally, it can help to cut down on wait times for both patients and doctors.
Check-in kiosks are also becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more efficient way to process patients.

What is medical check-in online?

Patients can typically check in via a computer kiosk in the waiting room, or they can sometimes check in online ahead of time. This system allows patients to save time by checking in ahead of their appointment, and it also allows medical staff to more easily track appointments and keep track of patient information.
At RTP Medical Check-in, our kiosks are easy to use and allow patients to check in quickly and easily.

What is patient sign in kiosk?

A patient sign in kiosk is a type of medical check-in kiosk that allows patients to check in for their appointments on a touch screen kiosk or monitor. This can be especially helpful for medical practices who want to streamline their check-in process.

What is digital patient checkin?

Digital patient check-in is a fast and convenient way for patients to check in for their appointments without having to fill out paper forms or wait in line. Patients simply enter their information into a digital kiosk. This can be used to verify the patient's identity and insurance coverage.
RTP Medical Check-in is a secure, HIPAA-compliant service that streamlines the check-in process for both patients and staff.

What is patient check in kiosk software?

Unlike the traditional patient intake process, in which a staff member hands you a clipboard comprising several forms to fill out, patient kiosks allow patients to complete one‘s onboarding process digitally. Moreover, they free up staff to concentrate on greater interactions.

What is the purpose of the digital patient check-in system?

A digital patient check-in system is a computerized system that allows patients to check in for their appointments using an electronic device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Some benefits of using a digital patient check-in system include:

  • Increased convenience for patients - Patients can check in for their appointments from anywhere with internet access.
  • Reduced wait times at the front desk - Patients can input their own information into the system, which eliminates the need to wait for a staff member to input the information into the system manually.
  • Improved organization and tracking of appointments - The system can automatically generate reminder notifications for patients and track no-shows.
  • Enhanced security - Patient data is entered directly

Why use Digital Patient Check-In?

There are a number of benefits to using digital patient check in, which is why it's becoming increasingly popular among healthcare providers. Some key advantages include Some benefits of using a digital patient check-in system include:

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency - with digital check in, patients are able to provide their information more quickly and accurately, which reduces the likelihood of errors and allows staff to attend to other tasks more efficiently.
  • Enhanced patient experience - check in can often be completed from the comfort of one's own home or smartphone, which can make the process less stressful for patients.
  • Increased security - Patient Check In Kiosk helps protect patients' privacy by eliminating the need for them to share their personal information verbally or in writing.

How does e-check-in improve patient engagement?

E-check-in improve patient engagement by providing patients with the opportunity to:

  • Pre Register for their appointments.
  • View and update their contact information, insurance information, demographic information.
  • Communicate with the practice via secure text messaging.
Patients who use e-check-in find it a convenient way to manage their health care and feel more connected to their medical practice.

How do you check in a patient?

This type of kiosk is typically placed in the lobby of a doctor's office or hospital.
Patients can use the kiosk to enter their personal information and insurance information.
The patient information captured by the receptionist, who will complete the check-in process.

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