Core SEO strategies and tactics medical firms should apply

Core SEO strategies and tactics medical firms should apply

Medical practices should set up and implement standard SEO practices like on-page optimization and high-quality content creation to penetrate their local market

Seven enterprise SEO strategies and tactics that really work

Every business should set up and implement a standard enterprise SEO to penetrate their local market. A good enterprise SEO comprises on-page optimization and high-quality content creation.

In this blog post, we'll highlight some handy tools you can implement to make your enterprise SEO strategy successful.


1. Adopt voice SEO

In recent times voice tech is amassing popularity among search users, and businesses now apply it to boost their SEO strategy. This digital trend is seen in the creation of Siri, Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant and Cortana.

There's a report by Google that 27% of the online global population uses voice search on their mobile device. Voice search enables a top result search rather than a full search engine result page when used by mobile phone users.


2. Target striking distance keywords

Striking distance keywords are phrases used to describe a keyword that is not listed at the top of a Google SERP but has the potential of rising to the top of the first page. When you target striking distance keywords, you will find the best opportunities by increasing traffic, conversions and visibility.


3. Internal and external linking

Internal links enable your viewer to remain engaged on your website for an extended period, and it also encourages them to become followers or customers. Internal links increase the authority of your website because they are easily accessible to your viewers. Call-to-action (CTA) is a perfect example of an internal link; it compels the user to read or learn more about a given topic when they click on the link provided. Another benefit of an internal link is that it improves the visibility and ranking of your website.

External links, also known as backlinks, remain one of the top-ranking factors. They are outbound links from other websites that link to your site. External links prove that the contents on your website are authentic and credible. They are a great source of free traffic and an essential element of Google's search engine algorithm.


4.     Featured snippet optimization

Featured snippets of text appear at the top of Google's search result, and they may be a paragraph, table, or list of steps. It's gotten from web pages in Google's index. It is referred to as position 0 because it comes before the no.1 spot on the search page.

When your content is relevant and filled with quality, you quickly earn that top-ranking spot. Also, make sure your sections are concise, use headers to distinguish between content sections, and try as much as possible to ensure each section ranges from 40 to 50 words.

What brings up featured snippets are mostly questions. Ensure your sections answers the when, where, who, what, and, why etc. Photos and videos can be included because people love to learn visually.


5. Structure data

Structured data provides information about your web pages and enables Google to understand your site better.

Structured Data needs to be in syntax, well planned, and executed to follow facts and figures quickly. Different sets of vocabulary exist, such as and and syntaxes like JSON-LD and microdata.

Using structured Data makes your Data visually appealing and provides relevant information that can accelerate traffic and improve CTR (click-through rate).

N/B: if your enterprise site uses AMP (accelerated mobile pages), you should include structured data mark-up on both AMP and the regular pages.


6. The E-A-T approach

When you strengthen your EAT (means, expertise, authority and trustworthiness), you are automatically heading to the zenith of any online search. According to Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, EAT is used to assess content creators, websites, and webpages. Google does this to ensure that the information it suggests to users is authentic and comes from experts in that particular niche. You can make your website more authoritative and trustworthy by imploring the use of mentions, shares, links, and reviews.


7. Become a content machine (blogging)

Some 20 years ago, Bill gates said, "Content is king". It's incredible to know that the phrase is still very relevant today. Creating a blog for your company's website showcases the multimedia representation of your company; it makes the audience interested, generates trust, and presents your services in a very creative manner.

Utilizing SEO techniques like titles, keywords, and Internal and external links provides your blog post with high visibility; this would inadvertently help your brand increase its reach. New blogs add a feel to your website and give search engines reasons to re-crawl your site.


Remember that a successful enterprise SEO campaign bolsters short and long-term goals and adds to the overall marketing plan. Ensure you implement it maximally to reap the SEO benefits.

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